Understanding the Common Types of Cannabis Concentrates and their Benefits


The world of cannabis concentrates can be confusing for both new and experienced users. Factors such as the starting material, extraction method, purity, and potency determine the quality of cannabis concentrates. This guide will help gain a better understanding of these factors and pick the right type of concentrate for you:

Benefits of Using Cannabis Concentrates

People who need a potent dose of cannabis to ease symptoms may dab or vaporize concentrates to gain relief. Also, clear, pure concentrates are a healthier choice because they strip out the resin-producing plant material.

While cannabis flowers have a potency of 10% to 25%, concentrates have 50% to 90%. To get the right dosage for your medical condition, it is best to speak with a licensed medical marijuana pharmacist or patient care consultant at a dispensary. Also, you must consult your doctor before you start any new treatment regimen.

Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates represent a vast category of diverse products. Ingestion and preparation will depend on the types of concentrates you choose to use or make.

Below are the most common kinds of cannabis concentrates:

  • This wax-like cannabis concentrate is softer. Oiler, and more viscous than the majority of waxes. It is made at higher temperatures and whipped during the extraction process, offering a unique texture.
  • This is a brittle version of the budder. It is left on low heat to allow the solvent to evaporate gradually and let the product retain its flavor.

  • This type of concentrate can be found in any local week shop. Its popularity has to do with its purity, with upwards of 80% THC. This concentrate looks like a colored piece of glass or hard candy.
  • Crystallin This is the purest type of cannabis available from any cannabis dispensary. In this concentrate, the THC or CBD is extracted and isolated from all other cannabinoids, leading to pure isolate crystals without color, aroma, or flavor.
  • Sugar wax. This concentrate looks like brown sugar. It is usually made using cannabis strains prone to retaining water.
  • THC oil. This oil is intoxicating and can be used through tinctures, vaporizers, and capsules, offering euphoric effects.
  • Rosin, This concentrate is made without using a solvent like butane. Instead, it is made with only heat and pressure being applied to the marijuana buds, trim, or kief to eliminate the plant resin. Making rosin with a hydraulic press results in a golden, oil-like, and sappy concentrate.
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