Why Getting Sick After Eating Carb Rich Food?


The normal diet

The food we eat has many functions to take care of. It helps to maintain our body by balancing the nutrients in our body. By balancing the intake of our food, we can mold our bodies as well as our personality. Carbohydrates or carb is the main ingredient which we should include in our diet. But in preparing the diet, we have to take care of many things, including our body’s makeup and other things such as allergies and our response to certain nutrients. Carb rich food is often included in our meals because it is necessary for our body, but some people get sick after eating carb.

Planning our diet

 People with citrin deficiency have a problem with a carb-rich diet. They often get sick after eating carbSo they naturally tend to prefer food with less carb. Those people have to take special care of their diet for neither can we completely avoid carb, nor can they add carb blindfolded in their diet. When people tend to have unique food tastes, it is better to check for any abnormalities in their bodies. So give proper nutrition to our body considering their needs.

Hailen Kazz
the authorHailen Kazz