What are the common myths that surround collagen?


One of the highly talked about myths that are related to boosting the levels of collagen is people can apply collagen right onto their skin. For several years, lotions, body creams, moisturizers, and medicated ointments that contain collagen continue to claim that they boost the levels of collagen. The fact is every collagen molecule is very big and so; it fails to cross into the skin’s lower layers. And it means a few creams that comprise collagen are nothing but sheer wastage of money.

Another myth that surrounds collagen is the practice of including it in your cup of coffee so that it would work in the form of a supplement. Caffeine leaves a negative impact on the skin’s aging process, and it means when you include collagen in your cup of coffee then it minimizes the damage that caffeine causes. When the health of your skin and collagen is your priority, then you need to avert caffeine altogether.

The types of collagen

It is important to learn about collagen types. Commonly, there are four types of collagen namely:

  • Type I – Type I accounts for nearly 90 percent of a person’s body’s collagen. This is created from densely packed fibers and proposes a structure to bones, skin, tendons, teeth, connective tissue, and fibrous cartilage.
  • Type II – Type II is created from more loose-packed fibers. You will find this type of collagen in elastic cartilage that does the job of cushioning your joints.
  • Type III – Type III supports people’s structure of organs, arteries, and muscles.
  • Type IV – Type IV aids with filtration. You will find this type in your skin’s layers.

When people age their bodies begin to produce less collagen. Again, the quality of collagen produced emerges as of lower quality. An apparent sign is your skin turns less supple and firm. Again, the cartilage too gets weak with age.

How does the best collagen help?

The impacts of collagen become visible apparently. When people have got this protein in the ideal amount, then their appearance becomes more beautiful. Again, they get an improved feeling and don’t bother about imperfections. The remarkable thing is collagen leaves an improved effect on people’s internet health and it also helps them fight various health issues. The majority of people think of joints if they use the word collagen. The collagen fibers comprise nearly 70 to 90 percent of the cartilage of people’s joints. And so, the health of joints and cartilage is connected to the amount of collagen present in people’s bodies.

Collagen does play a vital role in the sphere of ligaments and tendons. When the production of collagen declines, people require the finest collagen needs. Collagen is also helpful in getting muscle mass and it represents nearly 2 percent of muscle mass. Though this number is not impressive, it can’t be denied that collagen happens to be one of the muscle fibers’ building blocks that support tensile strength. The collagen types remain involved in the formation of nearly all tissues of your body and they function to maintain flexibility and strength.

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