Should you Consider an Occupational Therapist for Your Child


An occupational therapist, or (OT), is someone who helps people to achieve certain goals or abilities that they are having trouble reaching on their own. Many adults use occupational therapy after injury or disease to help them gain skills, that will help them get back into the work force. They also help people master basic life skills. But OTs are not just for adults. Children have just as many reasons for a little help to achieve the next step on life’s ladder. Not every child progresses in the same way, but with a dedicated partner it is possible to improve almost any situation.

  • For What Reasons do Kids Need an OT? There are many different reasons why a parent or a teacher might enlist the help of an OT. In the case of injury or loss of mobility. An occupational therapist can help a child learn new ways to do tasks that may have become difficult. In the case of learning disorders or just being differently abled. A Central Coast occupational therapist can help discover what level the child is at and help them to master various life skills; as well as find ways in which the child can progress with their education.
  • When Is the Right Time to Ask for Help? Every child is different; there are many milestones in a child’s development. In the first three years, a child will be developing cognitive, motor, and social skills. If it is noticed that a child is delayed in some of these areas, it might be time to consider an assessment. A little bit of help in the early years can make a very big difference over the years. But there is no wrong time to make inquiries as to what an OT can do for your child.
  • What are the Benefits of Using an Occupational Therapist? Therapy is useful in many ways, as there are many ways in which a child may be struggling.  It might be as simple as helping a child gain some independence through the mastery of basic life skills, like getting dressed or washing up. It can be helpful for kids with sensory processing issues. Children on the autistic spectrum can have tremendous breakthroughs with some determined support. And children with motor skill issues benefit from physical training and practice.

Every child will have a different path, and we are all differently abled. Occupational therapy is there to help kids meet some of their challenges early, so they can access all the things in life that we often take for granted. If you think your child could benefit, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry.

Hailen Kazz
the authorHailen Kazz