Knowing About Hydrocarbon Extraction For Making Cannabis Concentrates


Ever wondered how cannabis concentrates are made? A concentrate always contains some form of concentrated cannabis extract, and hence the name. Marijuana contains more than a hundred different compounds called cannabinoids, of which only a few – mainly THC and CBD – are desirable to users and researches. In simple words, hydrocarbon extraction a process used for making concentrates. Below is a quick overview of hydrocarbon extraction.

What is the process like?

As the name indicates, hydrocarbons contain carbon and hydrogen, and examples would include propane, hexane, and butane. These hydrocarbon work amazingly as organic solvents and are used for making some of the best cannabis concentrates. A bunch of concentrates are made using butane as a solvent, because it has a low boiling point. Propane works even better, especially when the terpene profile of the product or strain is desirable. Propane extraction methods allow manufacturers to come up with concentrates that have a higher terpene content and better flavor.

Pros and cons of hydrocarbon extraction

There are several advantages of using hydrocarbon extraction process for making concentrates. Firstly, the process is safe and effective and allows to get the best of cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Products made using hydrocarbon extraction are extremely high on potency and doesn’t contain as much of undesirable materials found in the raw plant. Further processing and filtering ensure that the end product is top quality concentrate. Also, hydrocarbon extraction is cost effective.

On the flip side, this form of extraction doesn’t always work with all kinds of products and concentrates.

Things to know

The main reason why manufacturers prefer using this extraction method is because they can get the highest level of THC content for their concentrates. The end product is always high on the desired cannabinoid profile, and further filtering can be used to produce more effective concentrates. Removing both propane and butane used inhydrocarbon extraction is easy using the filtering techniques, and there is no reason why customers have to deal with unwanted residue in premium concentrates.

Final word

Extraction methods have a dominant role to play how a concentrate works on the body. Hydrocarbons, for obvious advantages, are used extensively for making such cannabis products, without spending huge on the process. If you are looking for cannabis concentrates, do read up more on hydrocarbon extraction and check label of each product to know what kind of extraction process has been used by the manufacturer.

Hailen Kazz
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