Getting Some Help To Start A Family


When you and your partner are struggling to conceive and are desperate to have children, it can be frustrating and stressful. If you have been trying for a long time without success, you will want to see a specialist doctor at a reputable clinic such as KPJ in Johor Bahru. Various factors can affect a couple and their ability to conceive a child, and the specialist can go through all the options to help you get pregnant. Below are some things you can expect from a clinic specialising in fertility when you visit one so you are ready for what may come.

Identifying The Problem

One of the first things the fertility specialists will do is run several tests on both partners and have a sit-down consultation to discuss what is happening. They will go through the necessary parts of your sex life and investigate any physical problems with either partner. They will also go through any family history of infertility, and they will check the hormone levels of the woman and that their ovaries are working correctly. The men will have their sperm levels checked, and they will need to supply a semen sample to ensure there are no problems with the sperm. You can click here to see more details of the different things they can test men and women for and some of the tests they will do.

Discussing The Options

Once the doctors have a better understanding of the problem, they can look to go through the various available options. You can sometimes find that the couple can conceive naturally with treatments, such as using drugs to induce ovulation induction in the woman. If the sperm counts are low, you may need to consider using a sperm donor to help you conceive. The specialist doctor can use various treatments and combinations to help you conceive, and no two couples are the same, so treatments vary as well.

What You Need To Consider

Going through IVF and other treatments can be highly stressful, and the more stress you are under, the less chance you have of the treatment working. You will need to ensure that you go into the treatment in the correct frame of mind and not put yourself under too much stress. You will also need to consider that using IVF treatment could mean you have two r three babies, putting your finances under strain. These treatments are also not cheap, and you will need to consider how much you can afford to spend to conceive a child.

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