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“Georgia Bone & Joint practice offers patients a range of well-rounded general health services. “The Georgia Bone & Joint, orthopedic surgery and chiropractic medicine office in Newnan, Georgia comprises orthopedic, sports medicine and pain control for the skeletal, muscular system and musculoskeletal. The office also offers general wellness management and directs patient education programs, such as nutrition and exercise counseling, weight management, and dementia and Alzheimer’s disease education. “The goals of the office include prevention of disease and injury; maintenance of optimum physical function; optimal health maintenance; prevention and treatment of conditions that may result in long-term disability; and rehabilitation of patients following accidents or acute illnesses. “The goal of Georgia Bone & Joint is to provide the highest level of patient care by combining science and art. Georgia Bone & Joint includes state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment along with highly skilled professionals to provide the best patient care possible.

Orthopedic Newnan GA recognizes the fact that an aging population is at high risk for many illnesses and diseases, and this high risk is directly associated with the decrease in orthopedic doctors,” said Dr. Mark Weisler, orthopedic medicine, and diagnostician at the Auburn University School of Medicine. “Osteopathic doctors address not only the musculoskeletal, but also psychology, nutrition, and family practices. In addition, osteopathic doctors are committed to their patients’ well-being through a comprehensive portfolio approach that combines education, care, and practice.”

Orthopedic Newnan, GA recognizes the importance of research studies. To help achieve this goal, they have implemented the most recent technology in orthopedic medicine and diagnostics. This includes the development of a digital imaging system called Total Image Diagnostic System (TIDS). Using a video camera, orthopedic doctors can diagnose problems and prescribe treatment. This system is available for many patients with all different types of musculoskeletal conditions.

Another new orthopedic technology that Newnan doctors are using is Ultrasound for the Physiotherapist. This technology evaluates the patient’s body as it lies on the operating table. The doctor can then see what is causing the pain and treat the disease before it gets worse.

Many patients do not realize that orthopedic doctors perform physical exams that include x-rays. These tests are necessary to detect bone deterioration, tumor formation, neurological disorders, and other problems. The digital images are then fed into computer programs that read the information. As a result, the doctors can determine the condition of the patient’s bones and surrounding tissues. Newnan orthopedic doctors are experts in this technology.

In its partnership with translational science and biotechnology companies, orthopedic Newnan, GA has made great strides in orthopedic technology. They have developed an imaging system called Total Image Diagnostic System (TIDS). The digital images can show the bones and tissues of the patient. Because the system works with computer applications, orthopedic doctors can make proper interpretations of the data.

Newnan doctors also use another software application called Medicago Firebox. This application helps Newnan orthopedic surgeons during operations. It is a virtual surgery box that can be used during operations so that surgeons will not have to worry about the safety and security of actual equipment. This virtual box has saved the surgeons valuable time during operations. It is also allowing them to make more efficient use of their time in providing exemplary patient care.

Newnan orthopedic care has improved a lot in recent years. These improvements are directly related to the research being done by Newnan scientists. They have found a cure for spinal degeneration. They have developed a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, they have developed a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug, and they have developed a surgical device for treating internal growth abnormalities.

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