A Guide To Lose weight without Equipment


Are you looking for losing weight without going to the gym, or simply don’t like using any equipment? If yes, then we got tips for weight loss exercises at home; we will provide you with some general information and exercise to get started; let’s take a look at it?

Who should avoid these types of exercises?

For people who suffer any kind of injury, sick people, and those with problems of pelvic floor weakness, please consult any gym expert or physicians before you start weight loss exercise at home.

Things to Know before start exercise

Firstly, we like to give some tips for weight loss exercise at home, learn complete exercise procedure to start exercise, wear proper dress for flexibility, eat protein-rich foods for proper diet and muscle strength, for beginner do not exercise for long hours it may lead to injury and muscle soreness, and ideal timing for a beginner is 15 minutes session after that take some rest.

  • Plank Jacks:

First, we are going to see in our list for weight loss exercise at home; exercise is based on combined of cardio and core-strengthening, it will help your strength the upper body and lower body muscles, this exercise is for burning calories and reduces fat.

Steps to do exercise: Stretch your arms beneath the shoulders and link feet on a board with your hands, make sure your entire body is straight, adjust your abs to keep your lower back from pain, jump on either side of your feet, keep your hands in the same place and jump back your feet, repeat jumping process.

Sets and duration: a set of 20 seconds and 40 seconds remaining work; repeat it five times.

  • Jump Squats:

Jump stats does not require any equipment and perfect fit for weight loss exercise at home; it focuses on your core muscles like abdominals, glutes, etc.

Steps to do exercise: Stand straight between your legs, with an overall shoulder space, slightly bend your knees, come now in a nice position, tie your core muscles and jump a few centimetres off the ground, go back down on the feet and start the position of squat again, continue jumping without stop and repeat.

Duration and set: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40seconds’ rest, repeat the process four times of set.

  • Mountain Climbers:

This exercise focus on work out agility, the strength of the core, the endurance of cardio helps the different muscle group often we call total body workout.

Steps to do exercise: Get in a position with your hands and legs equally while distributing your weight, make sure your hands are spaced off, your back is flat, and your abs are attached, from the leg, and right knee will move towards the chest, one leg will be floor, and another leg is in the air when changing your legs, you have to breathe, inhale and exhale.

Duration and set: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40seconds’ rest, repeat the process four times of set.

Hailen Kazz
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