4 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Transform Your Child’s Life


If your child any difficulties with learning, play, eating, or self-care, an occupational therapist can help. An occupational therapist (OT) can allow your child to function with some form of normality and help them achieve freedom in their everyday lives. An OT can assess your child and their issues and apply successful training methods to help them feel more comfortable with everyday tasks.

  • Self-care

An OT can help your childcare for themselves by teaching them basic skills to get by. This is crucial for your child’s independence. They can teach your child how to get dressed using zippers and buttons and show them how to tie and untie their laces. They do this by working on their fine and gross motor skills. Simple things like teaching a child how to tie their shoelaces is a giant step towards independence.

  • Improving in School

Another area where a Central Coast Occupational Therapist can help is with schoolwork and other school-related skills. School is an important part of their life and if they struggle in this environment they could easily fall behind.

If your child has issues focusing on tasks, they may need help from an OT. They can help to improve coordination and grip by working on techniques outside of the classroom. When they improve these skills, they will be more motivated to learn and engage in class.

  • Achieving Milestones

As parents, we all look at different milestones are child should achieve at different ages. When they do not reach them, we get upset and wonder about what went wrong. Kids learn at a different speed and some children benefit greatly from the help of an OT. If you want to speed up their development and help them reach important milestones, working with an OT is a good idea.

  • Mental Health

Not being able to do things like others their age has a negative mental impact on children. When a child is unable to self-regulate, they get frustrated and sometimes shy away from social interactions. To ensure a positive social and emotional state, a child must develop skills to monitor regulation.

This article has given a small sample of the many benefits of working with an occupational therapist when your child is struggling to perform daily tasks. All kids learn and progress differently and some benefit greatly from the assistance of an OT. Therapists work with kids who suffer from a range of conditions.

Hailen Kazz
the authorHailen Kazz